A Celebration of Heritage Pigs

And The People Who Drive the Movement

Alisa Toninato

The SloPig cast iron skillet, created by metal artist Alisa Toninato, will be awared to the winner of the Celebrity Chef Whole Hog Competition and also the winner of the Craft Punch Cocktail Competition.

Alisa has participated in regional shows at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center in Sheboygan, Harley Davidson Museum’s Fine Furnishings Show and Brook Stevens gallery in Milwaukee, Soo Vac gallery in Minneapolis, the AFA gallery in Scranton Pennsylvania, and ArtPrize 2011 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

She works full time out of her studio in Madison, WI, designing and fabricating custom cast metal pieces and interior metal art upon request.


Pictured below we see Toninato's "Iron Skillet Map of the United States"

Paulius Musteikis

SloPig's Official Photographer

Paulius Musteikis is a freelance photographer currently based in Madison, WI. Paulius finds the most beauty in simplicity, strives to put the boring elements aside and take a contemporary approach to photography. He does his best to make photos speak for themselves; photos of places he had visited, adventures he lived through, memories that keep coming back, people he had met, moments he treasures and stories he wants to tell.
A few years ago, Paulius joined Chef Dan Fox and his crew on their first educational trip to Fountain Prairie farm in northern Wisconsin. Even as a practicing vegetarian, he was deeply impressed by the respect with which Chef Dan approached the animals, as well as his profound knowledge of farming and close relationships with the farmers.

Since then, Paulius has documented numerous excursions with Chef Dan, to places as far afield as South Dakota (he has also re-evaluated his vegetarian diet). He was very eager to take up Chef Dan's invitation to return and document the upcoming Slow Pig event in Madison. 

Above all, Paulius believes that photography is fun; lots of it!

So come over.
Let's do photography together.


Black River Ice
Ice Carving

Maurie Pearson is a nationally acclaimed professional ice sculptor. He developed his love for carving ice during his career as an Executive Chef for Hyatt and Radisson hotels. In the late 1980's, Pearson began to carve competitively at ice sculpture events around the country and began to hone his talent as an ice sculptor. His sculptures are known for their attention to detail and unique style.

Pearson gave up the kitchen and began carving ice professionally in Chicago during the early 90's. He began Chicago IceWorks in 1992 and the company produced about 2500 sculptures per year - mostly wholesale to hotels and country clubs. In 1999, he relocated to "God's Country" to spend more time with his family, where he owns and operates Black River Ice Sculptures in La Crosse, Wisconsin.