A Celebration of Heritage Pigs

And The People Who Drive the Movement

Chef Daniel Fox

Founder of SloPig

Dan Fox was trained at Kendall College in Chicago and began his career at Everest, a premiere dining room located atop the Chicago Stock Exchange building. Moving to Europe, Dan developed his unique, globally - influenced approach to cooking by working in restaurants throughout France and Austria. Following his time abroad, Dan returned to Chicago to work for Spring Restaurant before joining the Madison Club culinary team in 2006. Dan spent seven years expanding and delighting the palates of the Club’s members and their guests. Currently Dan serves as a consultant for the Madison Club and works on special culinary projects within the Club and the community.

Dan is very passionate about the local sustainable food movement. Dan decided to take a more hands on approach to his cuisine by raising heritage pigs just outside of Madison WI. Dan is now partners in pig with Micah Nicholes at Cress Springs Farm. Dan is on the advisory boards of MATC and Slow Food Madison.

C. Wade Harrison 

Wade is a Chicago native who has had a passion for food and beverage from a young age. At the age of 5, Wade would wake up on Saturday mornings, go to the kitchen, pull down a cook book, and gather all the ingredients to make pancakes. He’d then wait for his mom to wake up and they would make a batch for breakfast. A foodie was born! 

Wade did a tour of professional cooking in the conference center world, working in the Upper-Peninsula of Michigan and California. His days are now filled with the practice of labor and employment law. However, nights and weekends are not infrequently filled with dinner parties and culinary events. 

Around Madison food circles Wade is best known for his annual BBQ, The Trifecta of BBQ, which features Memphis-style dry rub ribs, Texas brisket and North Carolina pulled pork (Piedemont-style). Wade started cooking BBQ on the South Side of Chicago with his dad in the backyard of their home. They used an old 500-gallon oil storage container that had been converted into a grill. Over the years, the tools have changed but the BBQ remains lip-smacking good! 

In the final days leading up to the first SloPig Madison, Wade pitched in and helped during the final push. Following the highly successful SloPig Madison event, Dan and Chad officially asked Wade join their team, and he gladly accepted the invite.